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Granite is a timeless classic natural stone that you will be proud to display throughout your home or business. Granite is formed as molten magma is cooled deep beneath the earth’s surface under tremendous pressure over millions of years. The result is a coarse-grained, igneous rock made primarily of light colored minerals such as quartz, feldspar, mica and iron ore. Granite is the most abundant ingenuous rock found on earth and is found on every continent.

Because of its natural hardness, density and resistance to heat, granite is an ideal material for most residential and commercial kitchen countertops. Finished granite slabs come in many colors, patterns and finishes. Bridgewater Marble & Granite is proud to offer the largest collection of granite slabs by any stone fabricator in Central Jersey. All slabs are premium grade, first quality with no commercial lots or factory seconds.

Bridgewater Marble & Granite displays our slabs in a large, (35,000 sq. ft ) indoor warehouse, grouped together by slabs with similar price levels. We stock over 1,000 slabs in more than 100 varieties of granite and receive new shipments weekly. Bridgewater Marble & Granite has a granite for every taste and budget, plus the most exclusive collection of exotic stone slabs that you must simply see to believe!

Click on the links below to view just a sample of our granite slabs by major color groups plus exotics.

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